Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting settled in Austin

Well, we finally made it! Coming to you from my little balcony here in Austin and it feels great to be back. It's been so fun to get to see my friends and see all the familiar old haunts. And of course all the yummy Mexican food. It's amazing how quickly I feel at home here. It was a scary decision to leave and come back here but it just feels more and more right every day.

The movers were a nightmare (ripped couch, broken furniture, crushed boxes etc...) but I'm no longer seething (I do wish a pox on them though...) and am focusing my energies on making my new home comfy and getting started on my new venture. I should have everything put away once I make a pilgrimage to Ikea tomorrow. And I will be sewing by Monday! Can't wait to get started. I'll post pics next week.

Does anyone have any suggestions for business names?


DivaKami said...

Hey Laurie!
What's your business focus going to be? Quilting? Jewelry?

And are you going to be online or bricks and mortar??

Welcome back to Austin!