Sunday, February 28, 2010

An update and some store news

Helloooooo! So sorry I have been absent from the blog for a few weeks. Things here have been super chaotic and I'm trying to keep all these balls in the air without dropping any. Unfortunately, that meant going radio silent on the blog. But I'm back with an update :)

First, news from the world of Robert Kaufman fabrics. My first collection for them, Tufted Tweets will officially be in stores by May. Yipee!!! As soon as I get my samples I will post a sneak peak pictures.

AND... there's officially a second collection in the works with Robert Kaufman. I can't share any additional details yet, but by late summer/early fall, the second collection will be in stores too. I am beside myself with excitement.

And of course, I'm still focusing on independently printing and selling new designs (like my Donkeys and Wellies) through my Etsy store. I love being able to produce new designs in limited quantities and see how you like them! One of the big things that has been keeping me so busy lately, is that I'm in the midst of exploring some alternate production methods. I'm looking at other ways to print my patterns on paper, on fabric and on a few other suprise mediums.

So until I get it all worked out, I've decided to shut down the store for a few weeks. Bear with me while I get all my ducks in a row and figure out the best way to manage all of this. I honestly never expected that the store would get as big as it's gotten. Thank you for all your wonderful support! :)

There is a vacation banner in the store, but if you have questions you can always email me by clicking on the 'contact scarlet fig' link in the bottom right corner of the store.

Stay tuned!


Average Jane Crafter said...

Woohoo! Congrats, Laurie! I can't wait to see your first collection and follow you through on to your second and more! WOW! So fantastic and so well-deserved! You rock! XOXOX

Cindy said...

Congratulations Laurie!! I can't wait either to see your first collection! I just made a note of it and stuck it in my purse so I would remember when I'm out and about (in May-:)) I'm so happy for you and wish you continued success! I can only imagine how you must feel!:) Good luck with everything!

Megan V said...

yaaay! Even though you were silent for a while - I'm so glad to hear the reason why!! All your hard work is paying off and you deserve all the success you can handle!! Congratulations :)!

Jenn~ said...

WOOT...very excited for you and I can not wait to see what you have been cooking up. Will you be going to Quilt Market at all?? That would be awesome to see you there :)

Laurie Wisbrun | Scarlet Fig said...

Rachel& Megan: Ya'll are such dolls!

Cindy: I fear that I will be so annoying reminding you about the collection that there is no way you will forget. :)

Jenn: Thank you! Right now it doesn't look like I am going to have time to make it to Spring Market but am hoping for Fall market for sure!