Thursday, March 25, 2010

Store re-opening before 4/1

Yipeeee!!! Wanted to let everyone know I will be re-opening the store by the end of the month. Thanks so much for your patience over the last weeks while I dug myself out from under my avalance of work, got a few kinks worked out and got some NEW products ready. Here's an update on what's been cooking here:

Robert Kaufman fabric: Tufted Tweets
Your emails and notes have been so sweet and I'm so thrilled at how excited you all are about the new line with Robert Kaufman. The fabric will start to be available in stores in May. I'm working on sewing up some cool new projects with the fabric (to give you ideas on how to use it!) and will get the photos and tutorials posted as soon as they're complete.

Limited release fabrics: Donkeys/Wellies, Urban Circus and Modern Whimsy
During my time away from the store I've been working with the company that prints my limited release fabrics on some fading issues that recently cropped up on a few batches of fabric. The printers have made some changes on their side and it appears that the fading issues are pretty much resolved.

The fabric is printed digitially so there will naturally be some minor fading but the uneven fading that a few of you experienced several weeks ago with your fabric seems to be resolved. I've repeatedly washed and dried the fabric and it's holding up really well. So, I've got new fabric on order and I'll get the store open before 4/1.

NEW Journals
I am so excited to see how you guys like these. I'm partnering with MAY BOOKS for these limited edition journals and I'm head over heels in love with them. I hope you will be too. There will be 8 patterns available and the journals will sell for $12 each. And they will be available wholesale, so if you're interested in that just shoot me a note!
-Green-e Certified Canvas Covers that are durable and water-resistant
-100 blank pages of partially recycled paper
-Journal is held together by the all-famous, old school sewing machine. No pages ripping out, no covers falling off!
-8-1/2" x 5-1/2"

Here's a sneak peek photos. And yes, there will be Donkeys in Wellies version available! Wheeeee!!!!

To see more patterns from MAY BOOKS, please visit

Shipping and International Rates:
In an effort to streamline things, I'll be adding international shipping rates to all the fabric and journals in the store! So all of you fabulous folks who have been ordering from all over the world, I'll finally have international rates for you in the store. No more waiting on me to set up a special listing for you! :)

I will also now be shipping on Fridays. I loved being able to ship next day but the volume has just gotten to be too much for me (great problem to have, thank you!!!) so will now be shipping once a week. If I have the fabric in stock when you place your order, I will ship out that Friday. And if I need to order more fabric from the printer to fill your order I can ship within roughly 2 weeks. So hopefully a slighly slower shipping timeline will work for you!

That's all for now. I'll post again as soon as the store is officially re-open. Thanks again for all your patience and support! :)


My Sweet Valentine said...

I can't wait for the store to re-open Laurie. I'm getting some of your fabrics for the baby's room. Coincidentally, I picked platinum grey, hot pink, light pink and orange for her room—your fabrics will fit in perfectly.

I'm so glad everything is going so well!

xoxo. Anna

PS. I'm having dinner with Jen Rogers next week. She's got a job at Revlon now =)

Sunny Haralson said...

Your fabric is so cool! I am already thinking of three different things I could make. Beautiful.