Friday, April 16, 2010

Comfy bunny PJ pants

It's been a very long day and I'm pretty sleepy, but before I drift off into sleep coma, wanted to show off my new cutey-patootie PJ bottoms.

A few weekends ago I took a class with the immensely talented and super-fun Haley Sayles Pannone at Austin's most fabulous crafty-heaven, Stitch Lab. And what fun to learn that Hayley has her own debut collection of fabric for Blue Hill coming out soon. I love her super mod color palette. Congrats Hayley!

In the class, I got to use a serger for the first time and to say that I have a huge crush on the serger is a mild understatement. Boy do I need want one of those. Anyway...back to the PJs!

Haley was such a help at assisting me with adjusting the pants length (so they would fit my short legs!) and she walked me through how to install my first elastic waistband. Easy-peasy! I used my Lamb Trellis and Trellis Stripes fabric (available for sale in my Etsy Store) and I'm so happy with the way the pants turned out. The pattern we used was McCall's 5989 and we just added the contrasting cuff to the bottom of the pants. I am definitely going to be making some more of them.

But right now those PJs are calling my name and I'm gonna go crawl in them and then crawl in my bed. Nighty night!