Monday, March 7, 2011

Tufted Tweets making a tiny appearance on Design*Sponge

Well how surprised was I to see one of my Tufted Tweets journal covers making an appearance on Design*Sponge today? (One of my all time favorite design blogs. Ever.) Grace and her team at D*S did a sneak peek of the glorious house of ridiculously talented designer Anne M. Cramer. (I would wear literally anything she's designed. How unbelievably sassy and fabulous are her clothes?) And there peering from a frame on her mantle is one of my little Avian Therapy journal covers. (Insert spazzy dance here...) It was such a fun thing to get to see today.

Photo from Design*Sponge by Adrienne Page

And in other news, I have some new journals in development. Collaborating again with the wonderful Mica of May Books, we're working on new journals featuring several of my newest designs. And I'm super excited that Nesting Chairs (and some of the coordinating patterns) will be among the chosen designs! The journals should be ready in the next month or sp, so I'll give you the heads up when they're available.

In the mean time, I have a a few journals from our last collaboration listed in my store so get them while they're still around if you're interested.


no said...

Congratulations! I actually just received some fabric I'd ordered from you and thought it was beautiful. I absolutely love your style. And you are so down to earth--that handwritten note was really a cherry on top.

StudioCherie said...

Congratulations Laurie. The attention is well deserved. I love my journal and I use it everyday. As soon as I fill it up, I will be back for another.