Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giveaway winner and my Z for Zipper pouch

I always love to hear all of your ideas for what you'd make with my fabric. And ya'll did NOT disappoint. What amazing ideas you came up with! I simply cannot wait to see what you make, so once you have some Bright and Buzzy in your hot little hands make sure you share the love and post pictures in my Flickr group? Pretty please?

I was able to carve out some sewing time this past weekend and made up a really fun zipper pouch with Bright and Buzzy. And I LOVE my little pouch. So. Very. Much. But before I show it to you, let's get to that giveaway winner, shall we?

Via random number, the lucky winner is #139, Margaret who said:
I love this fabric. I have a kids quilt pattern that I have been wanting to make forever. It requires strips of bugs in a line for part of the design. Either of the bees or the birds will be perfect. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with me. I can't wait to get my hands on this fabric. I also think I need a kitchen redo and bees could be buzzing all around while I cook. Pot holders, towels, new curtains, chair cushions and of course a mug rug or two.

And then because her comment made me laugh so hard I actually spit out my coffee, I'm also sending a set of fabric to #44 Michelle who said:

Seriously, I'm surprised there haven't been more growth charts in non-barf inducing children's fabrics. Hopefully you've started a trend! 

Thanks so much to everyone for sharing your great ideas for the fabric, and for the great laughs and I hope Bright and Buzzy will be making its way onto your sewing tables soon!

And now onto my new pouch. Ta-da! I think its first job will be to be my supplies pouch for Quilt Con (which is right around the corner!) I'm going to be speaking on a panel on fabric design AND I am going to get to take some of the great classes so I'm getting geared up for that! A girls gotta have a cute supplies pouch, right?!

To figure out my sizing and for instructions on the contrast bottom, I loosely followed the Noodlehead Open Wide pouch tutorial. (Thanks Anna!)

Here's the front. For the top, I used the Z for Zipper from the Alphabet panel along with 2.5" squares of the cross hatch prints from the growth chart panel. Then the contrast bottom uses the darker of the two honeycomb prints. Bright and cheery, isn't it?!

And a shot with a  pencil to show scale. The pouch measures 13" x 9" so its a great size for big goodies. I used mid weight interfacing so its got some substance but isn't too stiff.

The inside is also lined with the honeycomb print. I love opening a pouch and seeing a pretty lining.

And the back is made from my Modern Whimsy circles (which are a perfect match!) along with a few more cross hatch print squares from the growth chart panel.

Thanks again for participating in my giveaway and for all of your great comments about Bright and Buzzy. I'm so tickled that you are as excited about this new line as I am! I still have all of those fun bee prints to play with still and I can't wait to start cutting into them soon! 


Leanne said...

I have loved your fabric ever since you started on Spoonflower and I just have to say that the bee and honeycomb prints in your Bright and Buzzy line are to die for!

Lee said...

I agree with Leanne aboves comments and those bees are buzzing around in my head with ideas for this fabric! stinking cute!

Poppyprint said...

Great Z pouch! Have a blast at QuiltCon!

mary said...

What a novel idea for a zipper pouch. Love the fabric. Thanks for the giveaway/

Margaret said...

I just wanted to say thanks again for picking my name. I can't wait for my squishy package to arrive in the mail. Thank you.