Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 is off to a great start

I am totally inspired and invigorated after this morning's ceremony. I should find something profound to say but am a loss for words to accurately convey how I feel. So, instead of being profound, I'll just blather on a bit and update you on how things are going here in Austin. A quick run down:

It's been almost 6 months since I left NY. It's gone really, really fast.

I miss NY like crazy but I'm insanely happy to be here in Austin.

I started a new exercise regime in an effort to get stronger and healthier. And if I shed a few pounds I wouldn't be too sad.

I haven't been sewing very much yet this year. I have a bunch of half finished projects staring at me but am loving the ability to complete them at my leisure.

Am exploring some new options for ways to produce my designs on a broader scale.

Clara-dog and Zoe-cat love having me work at home.

I've been day dreaming about a vacation a lot lately. I think I may need to use some of those miles from the days of being a road warrior. Maybe Greece?

I love my duvet cover. I made it last year while I was living in Brooklyn and Zoe acts like it belongs to her and she has simply loaned it to me. It looks pretty in my postage stamp sized bedroom.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! Get out there and do something. :)