Friday, January 30, 2009

And the Pursuit of Happiness

Maira Kalman is one of my all time favorite illustrators. Her work for the New Yorker is so gorgeous and I've always just loved her style. In her blog for the NY Times, she released a series of images documenting the inaguration. Take a moment to read through her post and enjoy her stunning work. What a talent she is! I would love to have this collection bound into a book.

Images by Maira Kalman


Karen L R said...

I'm a new blogger, and just found yours through ink and spindle. Love your blog! And your etsy shop. I think your fabric designs are crisp and whimsical and lovely. I've bookmarked your blog so I can check in once in a while.

Karen said...

Very cute--btw, I put your fabric in my new treasury. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that link. I love, love, loved it. What an inspiring piece, and I love that she's an "illustrator, author and designer" -- I aspire to multiple descriptions, too. I've enjoyed reading your blog. It takes guts to go out on your own, and I find so much inspiration in meeting others who are also doing it. (psst... it's Maira, not Maria. I've made the same typo.)