Monday, September 14, 2009

Home sweet home

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the well wishes while I was on vacation. It was FANTASTIC and I'll get some pictures posted soon.

I *would have* uploaded them today but I came home to a sick computer (grrrrrr) so can't access much of what I need in terms of software and files. A friend was nice enough to loan me a spare laptop (thanks Margaret!) so I can continue to work, but I'm definitely discombombulated without all my files.

So in the interim, while I say small prayers to the computer fixing gods, I want to share another fabulous bag by Jennifer Ladd. She's created another super duper cute clutch using my fabrics. Take a peek and snap it up before it's gone. Her bag listings don't last long!

Hopefully I will be back up and fully functional in the next day or so! I've got holiday fabrics AND a super cute DIY holiday kit coming soon!