Saturday, June 4, 2011

Adding a little 'me' to your email

Last summer, I met some really wonderful folks at Surtex 2010 (my first year!). Among them were the founders of a sassy new company called MeebleMail. Think about all the emails you send in a day. And what if you could make your email pretty? And what if you could personalize your pretty?

Over the last year the team at MeebleMail has been hard at work and they've just launched their site. And I'm really excited to announce that a few of my designs are now available as digital patterns for your email!
What's that you say? How's it work?

1. Browse through the stationery and find the design you like. In addition to the designs I have featured on MeebleMail click here to see my designs) there are some other supremely talented designers who have featured patterns. Pretty amazed to find my designs in the company of Tina Turk, Thomas Paul and Jack and Lulu. Blush.

2. Once you pick out your stationery, you can personalize it with your name or monogram. I really am enamored with my Seated Swans. :)

3. Load the stationery into your email client. It's currently compatible with most web mail clients...Although it doesn't yet work with Outlook, the team at MeebleMail is working on it and it will be compatible soon.

4. Start sending your chic new personalized emails.

And the best part is that it's only $4.99 per design/per year!


Laurie Wisbrun said...

Just learned there's a 20% promocode!
MMFB0611 for 20% off!

Shana Clarke said...

Thanks so much, Laurie, for the wonderful post!
Shana Clarke
Director of Business Development

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Cool, I got your Tufted Tweets print in the yellow and red :-)