Thursday, June 30, 2011

Modern Whimsy - Big News and a SALE!

I have some fun fabric news...A new collection with Robert Kaufman!!

And it might feel familiar to you :) Modern Whimsy will be releasing October 2011 and shipping to stores in Spring 2012. The new Modern Whimsy collection is based on a few of the Modern Whimsy designs I have in my Etsy store BUT there are a few brand new designs too.

And the color stories coming from Robert Kaufman are all new too. I really, really love the two Modern Whimsy color stories in my shop, but these new colors for Robert Kaufman are yummy enough to eat. Can't wait to be able to share them with you this fall.

But what this means today is that it’s time for me to retire the current Modern Whimsy patterns and color stories from my store. And that means they're on sale! I've dropped the prices on all the Modern Whimsy fabrics in my Etsy store by 15% for this final sale which starts today and ends on 7/20/11. Details on shipping after the pics...

Here's how the shipping for these sale fabrics will work:

--I have limited amounts of Modern Whimsy in stock and will fill the first group orders from that batch of fabric. When you place an order, I'll email you and let you know when you order will ship.

--Then I will be placing 1 more (and only 1) final order for these fabrics from Spoonflower and then shipping all those out at the same time at the END of JULY/BEGINNING OF AUGUST). So if you have been eyeing any of Modern Whimsy fabrics or colors, or you need to stock up for a project, this is the time to do it. This will be the last time you'll be able to get these color stories and most of these patterns. After 7/20 they'll be officially retired and won't  be sold ever again.

Then starting in Spring 2012, you'll be able to go to your LQS and get the NEW Modern Whimsy collection being distributed by Robert Kaufman!

Let the stash building begin! And save 15% on Modern Whimsy :)

AND… I'll have some *brand new* fabric designs I'll be adding to the store in late July!!


Unknown said...

I just love these ... exactly the colours I want for the 4 x 5 bee on flickr! I've just ordered ... yay!

If you can get the bunny back in stock, please let me know :)

Erica said...

I am so excited! I love these. Actually, I am a huge fan of yours. So fun and so pretty at the same time.

Ashley said...

Yay! congrats! I love this line, and am certainly looking forward to seeing the new collection with RK!!

Becky said...

Congrats on the Kaufmann collection! You are so very talented!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Congratulations on the upcoming collection. That will be absolutely perfect for spring!

Amy Prior said...

Congratulations Laurie that is fab news!
Also is it 102 days til your book comes out?

Laurie Wisbrun | Scarlet Fig said...

Amy: I am anxiously awaiting dates from the publisher. I'm hopping from foot to foot. Will definitely let everyone know as soon as I have anything firm. Super excited!