Monday, August 27, 2012

New Fabric in my Shop!

Soooo excited to get the new fabric posted in the store today!

There are 2 new collections: The Flour Shop and Urban Circus 2. They're both limited release fabrics that I self produced and are digitally printed. I love the way the colors turned out and can't wait to start making things with the new prints as soon as possible!

The Flour Shop - 2 prints
Pies and Cakes (blue and red)
Cupcakes (parchment - which is a lovely grey-ish purple and yellow)

Urban Circus 2 - 4 prints
Giraffes (on a light blue ground)
Lions (on a navy blue ground)
Rhinos (on a white ground)

They're newly listed in my Etsy store here. Enjoy and have a great week!


Reene@Nellie's Niceties said...

Wow Laurie! Lovely new fabrics :)

Angela said...

What?!! The Flour shop is to die for!! love it!

Brenis said...

Gorgeous as always Laurie!! I'm loving the lion and girraffe prints! I see a new baby boy quilt in my near future! :)

Karen said...

I love that urban circus! Those graphic patterns combined with animal silhouettes are pure genius. Beautiful!