Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bright and Buzzy | Giveaway!

Tick tock, tick tock. I have been watching the clock and the calendar, anxiously awaiting the day that I could do the grand unveiling of Bright and Buzzy, one of two of my new collections for Robert Kaufman. And today is finally the day!

I have so many ideas swimming in my head for things to make from the collection. And even though it's perfect for kids, I can see so many uses for it for those who are just young at heart. (See how I artfully skirted calling myself old there? Nicely done if I don't say so myself...)

There are 6 fabrics in the collection and they have all just been released by Robert Kaufman so they should be making their way to stores soon. 
  • Buzzy bees in 3 fun colors. I was so happy to be able to do these in a more non-traditional palette than what you usually see for bees. 
  • Honeycomb in two shades
  • A full yard panel with one animal or item for each letter in the alphabet. 
  • And a full sized growth chart that goes up to 60" inches high. 

On the image above, the yard panel in the corner isn't to scale, I squished it down so it would all fit together in one little graphic.


Fun honeycomb selvage shapes

Attempted to take a picture of the yard alphabet panel and Fiona came to help. 

And then Dexter had to get in on the action. It totally looks like they're making out. Which is really inappropriate blog content but it was just too funny not to share. 

Wait...what, is that a whale under that tail? And a raccoon peeking out from behind that foot? 
I see all sorts of fussy cut opportunities for this panel. 
How adorable would pennant flags be to spell out a kiddo's name?!
This weekend I'm going to be making a zipper pouch with my Z. I can't wait. 

A close up of one of the owls from the growth chart panel. You can get an idea of what the whole thing looks like in the graphic at the top of the post.  I think the owl on the swing is my favorite. :) 
Or maybe the bunny. 

Bzzzz! Bee and honeycomb goodness. I keep thinking "bee-still my beating heart". 
Guess my mind is on Valentine's Day!

Thanks for wading through all of the pictures! As a reward, here's a shot of the giveaway goodies. A FQ set of all the fabrics + full alphabet panel and the growth chart. 
  • I'd love to hear what kind of ideas you have for the fabric!
  • Post your comment here before the morning of Tuesday 1/29/13. 
  • Make sure you leave me a way to contact you. 
  • And as always, international entries are welcome!

I'll post the winner (and hopefully my little Z zipper pouch) on Tuesday morning. Good luck!

p.s. And if I wasn't already spastically excited about Bright and Buzzy, there's ANOTHER collection to share. I am beyond excited and bouncing off the walls over here with glee. (And I might have had one too many cups of coffee today perhaps...) 

I'll do a full post about Holiday Sweet Tweets (and a giveaway) once I get my yardage shipment, but here's a few sneak peek shots. It's also just been released by Robert Kaufman and should be shipping to stores soon. Birds. Peppermint tufted ottomans. Sassy couches and striped chairs. (Insert big dorky happy dance here!)


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Unknown said...

So. Adorable! Love these fun designs :)


charlotte said...

Another fun and adorable line Laurie. Congratulations!

Unknown said...

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pieceLove said...

I'd love to cut out each letter and sew them to onesies.Then make a quilt out of the other fabrics.

Claire Jain said...

I'd love to make a quilt with those aqua bees and those honeycomb prints! I love it :-D

molly::applecyder said...

I know exactly what I'd do. I'd buy two panels and make a game out of them. It would be a bean bag toss game that doubles as a letter matching game, like this:
That's just one idea. I've got a million!

I love that bonus trip of crosshatch patterns on the growth chart! It's a really fun and very inspiring line. Congrats Laurie!

acyder {at} gmail

kmodich said...

I love the bees. They are so cute!!!

Mara said...

I have been waiting for an alphabet panel that I would like and this is it, I want to make a fabric book case with the alphabet on the front if this doesn't make sense I can send you a tutorial I found on Pinterest. Thanks for the chance to win some too cute fabric.

Unknown said...

I think that I would start with some craft aprons for my girls who are busy bees and then maybe a nursery wall hanging with the alphabet fabric. It's too cute! lkwhittacre at gmail dot com

Sara said...

Can't wait to get my hands on that growth chart for my nieces!! The whole line is adorable.

Honeysuckle Handmades said...

So many ideas! These are just great prints. I would most likely start with the alphabet print and make double sided plushies for baby to play with. I love the bee and honeycombs too, and would love to make bed skirts and sheets for the crib!

kfr14819 said...

This would be fun to make a baby quilt from and hold onto for just the right baby/parents. thanks for the opportunity.

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