Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Texas Chair Project

Dad is here for Thanksgiving (yeah Dad!) and we went to the Austin Museum of Art today. Such a nice little museum. Great exhibit called the Texas Chair project. Couldn't find many good images of the chairs, but the premise is really cool.
Two years ago, Austin artist Damian Priour made 100 little limestone-and-glass chairs and then sent requests to a bunch of artists asking that they each make a miniature chair using any materials. The materials ranged from metal to wood to plastic and they were all really unique. Such a great thing to see how people interpret an every day item as a work of art. Wish I could find more images online...

My two favorites were a chair that was made out of a pile of sawdust (chair was 'drawn' flat on the ground out of loose sawdust) and a chair that was made of rusty nails bent into a really beautiful shape.

This piece was really sweet. And I found an image!

Chair by EM Studio Glass