Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Visitors from all over the world

I'm still amazed when I look at the blog stats to see how many people are coming to see what I'm up to. And you're coming from everywhere! I just love the world of blogs...

Well folks, it's been exactly 4 months since my last day of work in advertising! (Happy dance!)

A week after resigning from my job, I packed up the apartment, dragged the dog and the cat across the country and arrived here in Austin. It's been so wonderful to have this opportunity to explore my creativity and start this business. And I'm so glad I gave myself the huge gift of being able to do it.

But there are days that I really miss Brooklyn and my friends on the east coast! Go take a stroll on the promenade for me. And eat a huge piece of lasagna at Noodle Pudding. (I swear he puts crack or something in that lasagna. I am still craving it on a near daily basis.) Lasagna withdrawl aside, it does feel really great to be back here in Austin with my mom, my old friends and so many new ones. So I guess that's my long winded way of saying thanks again to everyone for your ongoing support!

Stay tuned, I've got some really exciting stuff in the wings...