Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let the holiday decorating begin!

Can you believe that today is the last day of November? This year has completely flown by and I can hardly believe the year is coming to an end soon! It's been a wonderful, wonderful year and I plan to make the very most of every minute of the holiday season this year. Even though I live in Texas (where we're lucky to have 'fall-ish' weather with practically no winter) it really feels like the holiday season around here already!

The day after Thanksgiving, I put up the holiday tree and it looks really lovely. I grew up in a house where there was a menorah next to a tree every year and I've continued the tradition here in my home. :) The tree is looking lovely and I had hoped to put pictures up today but this post ended up being longer than I thought so I'll share more pics and some other cute holiday projects later this week.

I've been busy making holiday gifts and new stockings for the mantle. I had SOOOO much fun with these. Tufted Tweets everywhere in my holiday decor this year!!

As you know, I'm not the greatest free motion sewist (is that the right word?). But these little cuties were the perfect solve for that. And felt. Glorious felt. The most forgivingly wonderful fabric. I love that they look handmade and love all the crazy stitching. I was really inspired by 3 very talented ladies to make the little circles. And then it took off from there. Stockings. Ornaments. Garlands. Oh my!

The fabulous Lucie Summers (check out her Etsy store here) and her mom, made the world's most amazing quilt. Seriously jaw droppingly gorgeous, eh? Take the time to click through her photo stream. You'll be amazed...

And I have been lucky enough to strike up a friendship with the incredibly talented, sweet and funny Sam Cotterill of mummysam fame. Her new book, Fanciful Felties is divine. Beautifully written, super duper fun projects and really just an overall delight to read. I am thoroughly addicted and am working on a small softie village for the guest bedroom. And being the very talented gal that she is, she also has some gorgeous fabrics she's designed for sale in her etsy store.

For months I've had a huge crush on the fabric boxes that Lesley at Smidgebox makes. So super, duper cute! I'm hoping she'll be making me a few early next year!

And finally, the pattern for the stocking itself (free!) is from Amy Butler and can be found here. I of course added the little peek-a-boo circles to the front of the stocking. Her pattern is wonderful and it's fully lined which I love. My stockings are lined with green Birdies on a Wire which it turns out is a great holiday fabric!

I've also sewn up some holiday ornaments and a garland in this same style. I actually made TWO garlands. One for me and one for you! I'll be doing a giveaway in the next few days and someone will be able to hang a Tufted Tweets garland in their house very soon! The only rule will be no making fun of my free motion stitching 'skill'...I'll also share some details on how I made the little peek-a-boo windows (easy-peasy) in my next post. Have a wonderful night everyone and have fun with your holiday decorating!!


Sequana said...

I just never get tired of this collection, and I've worked with it a LOT. *S*

Happy Holidays to you, Laurie.

lesley [smidgebox] said...

laurie, these are awesome! love the layered felt, with the portholes. so adorable!

thanks for the sweet mention, i do think we will be working together quite soon...:)

Lee said...

Its such a great collection of fabric and I love the lined stocking and cute little peek a boo windows - I will look forward to the tutorial! I think you are a good seamstress :) I am off to decorate too! Thanks for sharing!

Dolly said...

Your enthusiasm is refreshing !
Cute idea there.

PioneerValleyGirl said...

decorating is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. Your stockings are great, the circles remind me a bit of vinyl records, which I'm enjoying

Beth said...

Every time I see a cute idea, I just keep adding it to my holiday crafting list...which is quickly becoming daunting. But those peekaboo stockings are irresistible. And I have the perfect felt for the job.

{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

those stockings are super cute! They look a bit like records to me, fun :)

Julie said...

Oh! you've inspired me.