Friday, July 23, 2010

Congrats to the giveaway winners!

Wowzee! I can hardly believe all the comments I received for this giveaway. And what a fun way to hear about what you're working on. (Although everyone already working on holiday gifts have made me feel a bit like a slacker!)

Congrats to the two winners! I hope you love the fabric!

Bry - #589
My last project was a baby quilt for a friend's upcoming little boy and I made a New Wave quilt with the David Walker Robots line! My next program is the color whell spectrum quilt from the awesome ladies at Purl Patchwork!

Vesuviusmama - #355
My last completed project was two new pillows for my couch and a coordinated dog bed. I am currently in the midst of tying a quilt made entirely of orphan blocks which will be my drive-in movie night quilt (I go nearly every weekend!). I am also in the midst of hand quilting a baby quilt and have numerous quilts in various stages of piecing all about my sewing room (doesn't everyone?) Something I haven't started but would love to is a Christmas Tree Skirt - in time for this Christmas even!


The One and Only said...

congrats you lucky winners!! I'm so jealous!!

Dolly said...

Ooh, I was hoping, hoping, hoping, even as I scrolled down to read the winners' names !

Congratulations, you two !
And thanks Laurie......this was lots of fun !

Sherri said...

Congrats to the many entries...Can't wait for the fabricto be available!

Bry said...

Oh my gosh! There were so many entries! I am so excited to have won Laurie!! :D Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Melissa at Studio MCA Designs said...

Wow! I hate that I missed this one. I love this line. As far as Christmas goes, I am just beginning to think about it because I've recently receive 2 lines of Christmas fabrics. Also, thinking about making my niece a quilt in her cheer teams colors (purple and orange) to snuggle with at the competitions.