Sunday, April 25, 2010

Giveaway day - Tufted Tweets

Tweet, tweet!!! Giveaway day is finally here!! I have several FQ packs of Tufted Tweets and one of them might have your name on it!

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GIANT update 4/30: Robert Kaufman is giving away
a 1 yard SET of Tufted Tweets. After you leave a comment here for my giveaway,
FLY over to their blog before 5/3 and leave a comment to register to win a full yard set!!!

UPDATE 4/28: Hello my tweets (sorry... I really can't control it). I am reading every single comment as they come in. I love your sense of humor and that some of you also have design crushes on chairs in your life too. Thanks for being a part of this release with me!

UPDATE 4/26: You guys are incredibly wonderful. I truly cannot believe how many entries there are! Thank you a million times over for all your kind words, your love of birds and chairs and for all of your support. Keep those entries coming and I'll draw the winner on Monday 5/3!

Robert Kaufman is going to start shipping Tufted Tweets in the next few weeks. So very, very soon you'll be able to go visit your favorite fabric store and get some Tweets for your stash. I personally can't wait to go visit a store a see the bolts on the shelf. It's still a pretty strong possibility that I will dork out and shed a few tears when that day finally arrives. It's been an amazing journey to get here and I am so happy to have been able to share it with you! :)

So... the FQs I'm giving away are some of the very first ones to make it out into the world. Fly and be free little tweets!!

For your chance to win, just leave me a comment and tell me:
- What you'd make using the fabric
- Or, tell me all about your favorite chair/couch/seating apparatus
- Or just say hello!
Just make sure that there's a way for me to contact you when you leave your comment.

Next Monday 5/3, I'll select 2 lucky winners at random and the fabric will soon be winging it's way to you (sorry...couldn't resist). Thanks to everyone for all of your words of encouragement and support. You have no idea how much all of your posts and notes mean to me. :)

After you leave your comment, you MUST go visit Ashley over at Film in the Fridge. She is unveiling the gorgeous quilt she made using Tufted Tweets. I think it is truly, truly gorgeous. I think all of Ashley's quilts are pretty amazing but this one is obviously pretty close to my heart.

AND how fabulous is this? Ashley's pattern for the Unfurnished quilt will be available as a free download from Robert Kaufman's site (and from mine and from Ashley's) in the next few weeks!

AND... a little birdie told me that Ashley has a few FQs of Tufted Tweets to giveaway in the next few weeks. So if you don't win my giveaway, stay tuned to find out when Ashley's giveaway will happen.

Good luck peeps (sorry... sometimes I just can't contain myself...)!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting ready for a giveaway - Mon. 4/26!

Who's ready for some Tufted Tweets?!? The folks over at Robert Kaufman have been nice enough to donate some fabric for the giveaway that starts this coming Monday! The fabric will start to arrive in stores in May, (correction: arriving in June) so these FQ bundles will be the first ones to hit the streets. :)

Everyone have a great weekend and come back Monday to register to win. Can't wait to see what everyone will make!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Counting down to Surtex

I can hardly believe that Surtex is 3-1/2 weeks away. I have been furiously preparing materials, putting together my press kit, getting signage made, designing new work, figuring out shipping logistics, and generally running around like a chicken with my head cut off. And today I think I've crossed some sort of threshold. I realized that I will never *feel* ready. But the reality is that I *am* ready. Well, almost ready... :) So I've decided to just try to let go of some of the anxiety I'm feeling and just ride this crazy ride!

Surtex is a big deal. A really big deal! And I can hardly believe that I will actually be exhibiting. (Insert image of me shaking in my boots here...) If you're not familiar with Surtex, it's a tradeshow held in NYC in conjunction with the National Stationary Show and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Close to 300 artists will have their artwork on display at Surtex for the 6000 or so show attendees who are manufacturers and companies looking for new art to license for whatever goods they manufacture. So breaking through and getting yourself noticed is no small feat. I'm so excited about the opportunity to meet companies who want to partner together to create products with my art that will knock the socks off consumers.

So that's what I've been a busy little beaver working on for the last few months. That's of course in addition to all the fun fabric in my etsy store and the launch of Tufted Tweets with Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

Speaking of Tufted Tweets, I'm thinking it's time for a giveaway, no?!? :)

Come back Monday 4/26 for a look at the insanely beautiful and totally gorgeous quilt the uber-talented Ashley from Film in the Fridge made to showcase Tufted Tweets at Quilt Market in May!! And the coolest part is that the quilt pattern will be available for download on the Robert Kaufman website in the next few weeks. You will not believe how gorgeous it is. AND I'll be giving away some Tufted Tweets on Monday too!! So make sure you come back Monday, it will be worth the trip!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Comfy bunny PJ pants

It's been a very long day and I'm pretty sleepy, but before I drift off into sleep coma, wanted to show off my new cutey-patootie PJ bottoms.

A few weekends ago I took a class with the immensely talented and super-fun Haley Sayles Pannone at Austin's most fabulous crafty-heaven, Stitch Lab. And what fun to learn that Hayley has her own debut collection of fabric for Blue Hill coming out soon. I love her super mod color palette. Congrats Hayley!

In the class, I got to use a serger for the first time and to say that I have a huge crush on the serger is a mild understatement. Boy do I need want one of those. Anyway...back to the PJs!

Haley was such a help at assisting me with adjusting the pants length (so they would fit my short legs!) and she walked me through how to install my first elastic waistband. Easy-peasy! I used my Lamb Trellis and Trellis Stripes fabric (available for sale in my Etsy Store) and I'm so happy with the way the pants turned out. The pattern we used was McCall's 5989 and we just added the contrasting cuff to the bottom of the pants. I am definitely going to be making some more of them.

But right now those PJs are calling my name and I'm gonna go crawl in them and then crawl in my bed. Nighty night!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tufted Tweets Projects

What a wonderful weekend I have had! I got to sew a few projects with Tufted Tweets which was just so much fun. I wanted to come up with a few functional and pretty projects I could share with you so you had some new ideas for things you might try to make once the fabric is available (May is just right around the corner!!)

Fabric Covered Containers
A super chic way to recycle some of those containers you have in your recycling bin! I used Tufted Tweets to beautify some old soup cans, a cereal container and an oatmeal container. These cuties can double as either organizers for the bits and bobs you have lying around in your office or craft space. I even tried adding a chalkboard label to a few so they can be neatly labeled. And for the containers that are made from cardboard you can slip a glass container in them and they make super cute flower vase sleeves!
Click here for the tutorial

Tufted Tweets Placemats
I am having a dinner party. Right away. Wanna come? I am in love with the way these turned out. My friend Curlin of Pippingtooth Studios was nice enough to loan me her studio and her patio for my photo shoot yesterday. And it took a great deal of effort not to call all our friends and throw together an impromptu party so we could feast at that gorgeous table!
Click here for the tutorial

And a quick update on when you will be able to get your hands on the fabric...The sales materials for Tufted Tweets are with the Robert Kaufman sales force which means they are showing it off to all the quilt stores. So I hope you'll start asking *your* local quilt stores to carry the line! Fabric should start shipping to stores in May. Yipeeee!! Here's a few more pictures to remind you what all the patterns and colors look like:

And finally...I promised you I would dork out eventually. Here's a quick snap of the selvedge. (Insert huge, goofy, ear-to-ear grin here!)