Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can you guess what I'm doing?

Yep. Moving. In Texas. In August. Silly girl! Packing fun starts this weekend and move is next weekend. So, I may go a little dark for a week or two, but next time you hear from me I will have emerged on the other side of my cardboard tower :)

And now on to the much more fun part of this post!

I've been a long-time fan of Lucinda at Septemberbird. She makes the most fabulous mini quilts. With chairs on them! I am just in awe of her work and her ability to free form piece the way she does. And such lovely hand quilting. Just take a gander at her Flickr set (lucyellen06) and you'll see why I just love her work. I think her quilts are really just so charming and have coveted them from afar for the last 2 years. So you can imagine how incredibly thrilled I was when I received a surprise mailing from Lucinda!

I have my very own chair quilt! So pretty and she included some of the very early Birdies and Chairs fabrics(the vintage ones as I like to think of them...)

I can't wait to display it in my new digs. :) Thanks again Lucinda. I really just adore it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Congrats to the giveaway winners!

Wowzee! I can hardly believe all the comments I received for this giveaway. And what a fun way to hear about what you're working on. (Although everyone already working on holiday gifts have made me feel a bit like a slacker!)

Congrats to the two winners! I hope you love the fabric!

Bry - #589
My last project was a baby quilt for a friend's upcoming little boy and I made a New Wave quilt with the David Walker Robots line! My next program is the color whell spectrum quilt from the awesome ladies at Purl Patchwork!

Vesuviusmama - #355
My last completed project was two new pillows for my couch and a coordinated dog bed. I am currently in the midst of tying a quilt made entirely of orphan blocks which will be my drive-in movie night quilt (I go nearly every weekend!). I am also in the midst of hand quilting a baby quilt and have numerous quilts in various stages of piecing all about my sewing room (doesn't everyone?) Something I haven't started but would love to is a Christmas Tree Skirt - in time for this Christmas even!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Giveaway goodness - Tufted Tweets and Urban Circus

Happy Monday! Thank you all so much for your blogiversary wishes. It's been a wonderful two years and I am so happy to be able to celebrate with you.

I'll keep the rules for the giveaway short and sweet:

I'll randomly draw 2 winners this Friday AM

Tell me what the last project you made was and what's next on your sewing table.

Each winner will get to choose TWO FQ packs from any of my color stories from my Robert Kaufman fabrics. That's 8 FQs for each winner! You can choose what you'd like if you win. :)

Good luck and have a great week.

Tufted Tweets: Grass

Tufted Tweets: Orchid
Tufted Tweets: Sorbet

Urban Circus: Earth
Urban Circus: Spring

[UPDATE: Thank you to all who submitted your entries and congratulations to the winners! The giveaway is complete and comments are no longer being accepted.]

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Blogiversary to me - and a giveaway for you coming on Monday!

Well, my 2 year blogiversary came and went and I was so busy that I missed it. I can honestly not believe that it's been 2 years! Here's link to my very, very first blog entry. Crazy, eh?

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that this is where I would be! Thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me and for all of your support and encouragement along the way. I really have made some wonderful new friends in this big old blog land! xoxo

For those of you who may have just recently joined me, here's some quick bullet points:
-Was living in Brooklyn and working at a big Ad Agency as an account person going to a bajillion meetings and practically living on an airplane
-Really wanted to make some changes
-Decided to leave my job (way scary) and simplify my life
-Wanted to figure out a way to build a business where I could let my creativity grow
and get off the corporate hamster wheel
-Moved back to Austin (after a cross country drive with the dog and the cat)
-Started designing fabric and focusing on surface design
-Started my Etsy Store
-Tufted Tweets and Urban Circus were licensed by Robert Kaufman
-And now I'm focused on more fabric design and on getting my patterns licensed by manufacturers in other industries

I'm just so happy to be where I am now and can hardly imagine what the next 2 years might bring! I don't think I succeed in simplifying my life, but still a hugely happy camper! :) Must continue to work on that simplification though!

So, in honor of my 2 year blogiversary, let's do another giveaway! Come back on Monday and I'll post all the details.

In the meantime, I've started working on some pillows for my couch. They're still work in progress but I'm really happy with the way they're turning out. (Not the greatest photo but you get the idea...)

After my first try at hexies (and I do love my little Zoe footstool!) and the discovery that I don't care for the hand piecing, I decided this time to try sewing them directly to a backing. Liked this MUCH better. Upon close inspection, you can see some small gaps between a few of the hexies but who's looking, right!? I'm thinking chocolate brown piping and simple chocolate brown envelope back...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. And make sure you come back on Monday for the giveaway!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Urban Circus - FQ winners

Hello everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. I'm a bit late in posting the winners today, but finally getting to the good part of my day!

It's always such fun for me to read about all of the cute things you have planned for your next projects. And it's even more fun to think of you using Urban Circus to make them. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your ideas with me! There were some really creative projects planned this time around and I can't wait to see all of the fun creations you whip up. (Don't forget to show off what you make in my Flickr group...I really love to see what you're working on!)

Using the handy dandy random number generator, I've randomly selected the 2 winners. Congrats go out to:
Little Miss Shabby

If you didn't win, don't despair. Urban Circus will be available in local quilt shops in August.

AND...My 2 year blogiversary came and went on July 9 and I totally missed it. So I think we should do a belated celebration this coming week, no? What that means for you is MORE giveaways!! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Urban Circus - Giveaway!

First, thank you all so much for your very thoughtful and sweet notes on my last post. They were really wonderful companions and will be terribly missed. I'm still a pretty big weepy mess but each day will get a bit easier. All of the personal stories you shared, good thoughts and prayers you sent my way are really tremendously kind. Thank you.

Let's get to that giveaway now! As you all know, my second line with Robert Kaufman called Urban Circus is coming out soon. It will start shipping in August which is just around the corner! I can hardly believe it... I think it's a bright and cheery line and I see so many possibilities for cute projects! Quilts, pillows, pjs, bags, clothes for the kiddos, clothes for big people (I would love a skirt from the elephants...).

I whipped up a picnic quilt a few weeks ago that I just love. The quilt pattern is from Erin at House on the Hill Road and it has little pockets on the back of each corner so you can tuck a rock in each corner to keep your quilt from blowing away. It's hand tied and with the big 16x16 squares it came together in an evening. I just backed it with a simple bed sheet so I didn't have to mess with piecing the back.

Here's the details on the giveaway. Good luck!!
-I'd love to hear what projects you'd make with Urban Circus
-Two lucky winners will each get FQ packs with both Spring and Earth color ways
-I'll draw the winners this Sunday AM, 7/10

Urban Circus in Spring

Urban Circus in Earth

A quick update and another fabric giveaway! After you leave your comment here, make sure you go visit my pal Sam's blog, Mummysam. She's got a new line coming out with Robert Kaufman in the same time frame and you will LOVE her fabric!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Very sad news

I am heartbroken to have to share the news that Clara dog is no longer with me. I had to put her to sleep yesterday morning. Two days ago she got very sick, very quickly and the vets feared she had a brain tumor. I am thankful it happened so quickly though so she did not suffer.

I was so very fortunate to have had her with me for so many years. She was the sweetest, most gentle soul and I will miss her terribly. It brings me some comfort to know that she is with her Zoe cat who we lost 3 months ago. They just adored eachother. Go play together my sweet girls...