Friday, February 27, 2009

A mixed bag

I have 3 fun things to share, but they're all unrelated, so today's post will be a bit random! Randomness aside, I hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend! Spring has sprung here in Austin so I'm really looking forward to a nice weekend outside. All the trees have started to bud and the flowers on the trees look just glorious.

Here's a nice posting from Whip Up about Spoonflower that includes a picture of my fabrics. So fun to see my fabrics get noticed.

I got a sweet note from Katy from What Katy Did about a little birdie purse she made. She covered hers with PVC plastic and then top stitched the birdie so it would stand out. How adorable is that? I would LOVE to make one like that out of my couches. Oh...if there were only more hours in the day.

And finally, Maira Kalman posted a new series illustrations on her blog about good old Abe Lincoln. I find her talent truly mind boggling! Do your self a favor and spend a few minutes enjoying her perspective. Here's a few of my favorites.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scarlet Fig fabric on the Etsy home page

What a lovely surprise to see when I opened Etsy today. Jennifer Ladd, who makes really adorable bags, purchased some of my Birdies on Chairs fabric a while ago. And the folks at Etsy featured Jennifer's clutch on the home page this morning. Isn't the bag adorable? So fun to get to see what everyone is making with Scarlet Fig fabric!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Help if you can

Part of what brought me back to Austin was this amazing community. Although I don't know this family, I was incredibly touched by their story and how the Austin community is rallying around them. And boy, oh boy, could they use a hand. If you can swing it, even a few dollars could really make a difference for them. You know how it can all add up...If you can't donate, help spread the word if you can!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The stash

It's Fat Quarter Month over at Sew Mama Sew and I wanted to play along. In my book, there's almost nothing better than better than getting to play with my fabric stash...So here we go!

What do you usually sew?
I love to sew anything patchwork. Pillows and quilts are my favorites but I have been known to obsessively sew aprons and journal covers.

When you shop for fabric, what size cuts do you usually buy? (i.e. If you see something beautiful, but you don’t have a use for it right away, how much do you buy?)
I used to buy fat quarters but found that they ran out too quickly so I try to buy halves as a minimum instead. But if I really, really love it I'll probably get a few yards.

Do you buy on impulse or do you go out looking for something you need?
I generally go out for something I need and then buy 10 more things on impulse. Fabric shopping with me is an activity not for the feint of heart and it's really rough on my wallet.

Are you a pre-washer? If you are, do you wash your fabric before you need it, or only when you’re ready to use it?
I am not a pre-washer. I know it's going to bite me one day, but I just can't make myself take the time.

Do you iron it?
I love crisp, fresh looking fabric. I iron all the time while I'm sewing.

How do you sort it? (color, print size, collection, etc.)
I sort by size and by color.

Do you have any special folding techniques?

I fold like they do it like they do it in clothing stores. I use a ruler to roll my fabric around so it's all pretty much the same width on the shelf. It makes me a little crazy to have the fabric messy...My car on the other hand can be a wreck! For yard or larger pieces I use a 6 inch ruler. For 1/2 yard or less pieces I use a 4 inch ruler. Anything smaller than a fat eighth is sadly squished in 2 Ikea boxes. Those are the boxes I always head to first though!

How do you store your fabric?

Since I have recently downsized into a 1 bedroom apartment ('s pretty cozy in here!), where a dining room usually would be, you'll find my studio. I have 2 book cases filled with fabric and supplies. The pics are a bit dark, but you get the idea!

What tips do you have for building up a well-rounded stash?
Buy a range of pattern sizes. Small, medium and large. And really only buy fabrics you really love. I think it's super fun to buy fabric when I travel.

When do you say enough is enough?
Is there such a thing???

What are some of your favorite stash-busting projects?
Applique pillows. They are a great way to feature some of your favorites in a fun project.

Do you have a current favorite print in your stash? Let’s see it!
I'm going to use this moment for shameless promotion and show off some of my own designs!