Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa Donkeys final sale - Only three half yard sets left

Clearing out the very last few pieces of the Santa Donkeys and Holiday Boots fabric! Priced to go from my shelves to your sewing table. :)

Regularly $34 for the 1/2 yard set, I only have THREE sets left and have marked them down to $20 each. Come and get them because once they're gone, they're gone!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tufted Tweets Giveaway at Form & Fabric

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I've been thoroughly enjoying the time off and have had such a great little break. My house is filled with family and I have a belly full of delicious holiday treats. I think I may even spend a bit of time doing some sewing this afternoon.

I got a sweet note from my friend Margaret who recently opened up a fabulous online store called Form & Fabric. She has a great selection of hard to find fabrics, $2.99 shipping and does a monthly fabric giveaway. And guess what she's giving away this month? Loads of Tufted Tweets!

Photo by Now and Then Photography

Four fabulous Tufted Tweets bundles are up for grabs. Head on over to Form & Fabric to enter to win before 1/30/11. There will be four winners:
- One Grass bundle with four half yard cuts
- One Orchid bundle with four half yard cuts
- One Sorbet bundle with four half yard cuts
- One lucky person will win a complete set of all colorways!

Good luck!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Santa: A snake was not on my list...

Over the Thanksgiving break my sweet mom brought me an adorable little patio-sized kumquat tree. (A kumquat is a type of citrus fruit similar to a very small orange that's sour like a lemon). I've always wanted one, so was just giddy when she drove up to my house with it her car as a surprise. What a great holiday gift. Thanks mom!!

It's been chilly at night in Austin, so each day I've been diligently dragging the little kumquat tree (who is maybe 3 feet tall) in and out of the garage so it can have sun during the day and can stay out of the night's chill in the evening.

Last weekend, I grabbed the pot by the top rim and picked it up and eeeeeeeekkkkk there is a snake curled up under where the potted tree had been sitting. A very tiny snake, but's a snake people. It was maybe 5pm and I was cold and didn't want to deal with it. But the snake looked cold (and I am a giant softie) so I went inside and got an old bath towel, tossed it on top of the snake and went inside to enjoy my evening. Didn't give the snake another thought.

The next morning, I went out to move the kumquat back to it's usual sunny spot, and figured the snake would be long gone. I mean, what kind of snake is going to just hang out under a bath towel all night? So I moved the towel and eeeeeeeekkkkk there is the snake. Hmmmm.... Now what?

OK. So this little snake is maybe only 12 inches long and no thicker than a pencil. It's still pretty cold so he's being really still thankfully. Mom (who has been great at catching all icky and scary creatures for my entire life) was in town again, so she grabbed some garden gloves, a box with a lid and just scooped the little snakey into the box. I then came out from behind the pillar on the porch (where I was bravely encouraging my mom) to check out the little guy. And to my surprise, guess what that little guy has on the end of his little tail? Holt cow. It's a baby rattle snake people. Yes, a rattle snake! eeeeeeekkkkk. A rattle snake!!

Yep, that's fluff from the bath towel by his eye in the shot below...

Mom (who is even a bigger softie than I am) knows where the Austin Wildlife Rescue Center is, so we put 1st the snake box into a 2nd box. (I mean I don't want it to pull off some sort of Houdini-like escape while in my car, right?) We drive to the rescue center and drop off the snake and a donation. Easy peasy and they were thrilled to welcome their newest boarder.

Now...On the drive home it starts to occur to me... Does that little snake have brothers and sisters? And where the heck are they?!? After much discussion and several days, we've determined that my yard (which is NOT in the boondocks or anything people) is likely not hiding a rattlesnake nest somewhere among it's leaves. Mom got the kumquat from a little garden center that IS in the middle of nowhere in the Texas hill country and the snake was probably just a stowaway. That's my hope anyway...

But good old Mom is coming back over this weekend to help me re-pot that little tree. I just want to be sure there aren't a bunch of scary little guys waiting for me amongst my kumquats. And if any of you out there know anything about snakes that you think I should know (i.e. my stow away theory seems very unlikely) I'd appreciate your thoughts!

So, don't be surprised if you see a snake appear in some future fabric design. You'll know just where he came from!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Urban Circus Winner

Thanks to everyone for leaving comments for the giveaway. From Cabbage Patch dolls, to Etch a Sketch, to Hungry Hungry Hippos and the good old great outdoors, I had so much fun reading about your favorite childhood games and toys. I used to love to draw and paint and to roller skate. I was convinced I learned to skate faster than any little girl ever and wanted to contact the Guinness Book of records to see if there was a category for that very important accomplishment. Who knew that big green pom poms on a girl's skates could make her feel so special? :) Thanks again for sharing all your great stories!

Randomly selected, the winner of the fat quarters of Urban Circus is Jen B who said:
'My favorite "toy" was my bicycle! I would go everywhere with my bike, to school, visiting friends, through the woods, all sorts of adventures!'

TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are. And make sure you set aside a little time to play :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Urban Circus - Giveaway!

It's been a while since I've done a giveaway hasn't it?! Well lets change that right now. How about a full set of FQs of Urban Circus?

I had so much fun designing these prints. I guess they come from that 'I-guess-I'll-always-be-a-little-kid-at-heart' place we all have lurking just beneath the surface. Just leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite toy or game was as a kid. And have fun reminiscing!

I'll randomly select one winner this Friday Dec 10, 2010 around 8am CT.

Have a great week and can't wait to hear a little about your childhood!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Journals atre on ON SALE! Great stocking stuffers!

What a great stocking stuffer these little journals would make! I carry one in my bag everywhere I go and it's just perfect for jotting quick notes (or sketches) they're super durable. They made with special canvas covers that are resilient and water-resistant and are filled with 100 blank pages of partially recycled paper.

And for a week only (through next Sunday 12/12), they're marked down from $12 to $10. They come in 8 different patterns with my designs, so now's a great time to stock up. These are only available in my store so when you're thinking about gifts this year, perhaps one of these would be perfect for someone on your list!

Need more quantity than what's listed in the store, just let me know and I'll check my inventory.