Monday, October 27, 2008

How cool is this?

I got a note from the folks over at Spoonflower and they have included a picture of one of my pillows on their newly redesigned home page. How cool is that? Those are my chair pillows there on the left...

I owe you an update on the show but am pooped and am off to bed. Just wanted to share the cool news!

Monday, October 20, 2008

First show day after tomorrow - yikes!

Well, I think I'm officially ready for Scarlet Fig's 1st show. I've been a sewing fool and have figured out how to display everything. Lots and lots and lots of stuff in my tiny apartment these days...Display racks, spinners, signs...oh my!

I'm a bit nervous about the show but crazy excited. I hope I can figure out my new fangled wireless credit card machine! Everyone wish me luck and I'll post pics of the booth and let you know how it's all received. Whoo hoo!

And if you're in Austin, please come out to River Place Country Club on Wed night 4-9 or Thursday 11-6 and visit!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Long live Spoonflower

I have the most ridiculous grin on my face. The divine Kim of Spoonflower wrote the nicest post about Scarlet Fig today. It's so nice to hear such sweet words about my work!
Spoonflower is the wonderful, amazing and cannot live without it print of demand company that printed the two fabrics I designed with the chairs. They are all such nice, nice people and am so thankful that they've started the service. Visions of little chairs on my fabric are reality and are now sewn into pillows! Thanks again Spoonflower and I can't wait to get you the next batch of designs.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A really great Saturday.

I had the greatest day today!

Slept in a bit, walked the dog and lazed around this morning. Headed over to my new dear, dear friend Curlin's (of Pippingtooth fame) house to shoot photos of my new stuff. She has the most amazing home and she was so kind to let me camp out (literally) all day shooting on her porch. What a divine way to spend a Saturday. And the photos turned out great. The best ones are in a new photoset on Flikr, but here's a few of the ones that I just love. The pillows with the chair designs are from the fabric I designed and printed through Spoonflower. My first show is week after next and I'm so excited!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Maker Faire winner!

Thanks to everyone for visiting and for participating in the giveaway. Using, the winner is...number 16. Congratulations Deirdre! I hope you have a blast at Makers Faire. Please email me at ...... and let me know where I should mail your tickets and I'll drop them in the mail on Saturday. And if you can't use all 4 of them, you have to promise to pay it forward and give away the tickets you can't use. Have fun!!