Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Duvet. Check!

Yea! Brand new duvet has officially moved onto the bed. And I just love it!

Finished size is 90x90. Which felt simply gi-normous when I was putting it all together. It was pretty much comedy of errors watching me manhandle all that fabric through the machine. Serious kudos to those of you who can quilt such giant pieces!

Next up, I'm going to do a few quilted pillows for the chair in my room. You think I should use the left over pieces from the duvet cover and put them together in a way other than string piecing? Or should I use different fabrics all together? I don't want it to be too 'matchy matchy' so I'm leaning towards all different fabric but I just have so many great strips left I hate to just put them into the scrap bin. Oh, decisions decisions!

Here's the duvet :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Exciting news - NEW journals from Urban Smart on!

I did a little happy dance this morning in my kitchen!

When I exhibited at Surtex this last May, I was lucky enough to get to meet with one of the wonderful folks from Urban Smart. And they licensed 6 of my designs to include on these super cool journals!! The journals are printed on Rock Paper, which is an ultra environmentally friendly paper that's made utilizing lime stone. And the paper is both water and tear resistant. I'm a total journal junkie and when you write on this paper, your pen just glides along. I simply fell in love with them and have been so excited about having a few of my designs featured on these really great products.

Drum roll please....I'm super excited to get to tell you the Urban Smart journals are available for sale on Amazon, so go take a peek if you have a second.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Duvet cover - Almost done!

Well, I'm slowly but surely continuing to make progress on the duvet cover. The top is pieced! I LOVE the way it's coming together and I can hardly wait to get it finished and on my bed. Even if my points don't quite match up (at all!), I still love, love it.

Next up is piecing together the two halves of the back fabric (more gorgeous DS fabric!) and mastering the 10 button closure. I'm hoping to get it wrapped up before end of week. But I keep getting delayed by cuteness like this! I love the way when Dexter decides that its time to groom Fiona that the best way to do that is simply to park on top of her. Dorks.

And although not specific to this duvet, entirely too cute not to share. And no, he's not supposed to be sleeping on that fabric but how could I move him?

Nor is she supposed to be hanging out up here!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Duvet cover progress!!

Making great headway on the duvet cover and having so much fun sewing these blocks.
If I counted correctly, I think I only have 4 more to go!

Next up:
- Laying everything out (I really should figure out some sort of design wall...)
- Figuring out if I need/want any border sashing
- Piecing together the back
- Sewing everything together
- Doing happy dance!