Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yoga Mat Bag Tutorial

My sister asked me to make her a Yoga Mat Bag out of her favorite Scarlet Fig fabric, Wing Chairs...the one with the yellow chairs on the grey background. So while I was sewing, I made myself one out of Comfy Couches in red AND I wrote a tutorial. You can download it here (it's a PDF file):

Yoga Mat Bag Tutorial

The instructions are long, but it is NOT hard. I promise! I just wanted to take lots of pictures along the way. Have fun!


lesley [smidgebox] said...

wow, what inspiring projects! I'm so glad to have rediscovered your site + your awesome chair fabric. I had bookmarked it a while back and it got buried in my to-do's. these things happen in our busy lives, i guess :) anyhow, love the blog + all the ideas. don't be surprised to see me picking up some fabric to make a cute chair tote sometime soon!!

keep up the good work, and i can't wait to see the new designs,

yoga for beginners said...

Wow. You have provided us a very detailed tutorial. Keep it up and enjoy Yoga. :)

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I added some steps that make the finish much more professional.
1. The circle at the bottom of the bag is approximately 5.5" in diameter.
2. Cut 2 circles to make the lining a complete bag instead of just the sides of the bag (also eliminates the hand-tacking step)
3. Cut a piece of heavy sew-in or fusible interfacing 2.5x38" and stack it on top of the two layers of the strap. Sew and turn as described; now your strap won't fold annoyingly in on itself, but have some oomph. Also, when you attach the strap to the bag, consider using triple stitch.
4. When you fold down the top of the outer bag 1/4", also fold the sides of the slash/unsewn first 2" of the outer bag back 1/4" and sew them down so those edges aren't raw.
5. When sewing the outer bag over the inner lining at the top, first iron down 1/4" of the lining. That encloses the raw edge in between the two layers, rather than having it loose in the drawstring channel to fray and shred as you draw the drawstring in and out.
P.S. Blog owner, you may want to consider some sort of spam filter! ;) I'm commented as anonymous only because of all the spam in these comments. My name is Liz. :)

Sophie Grace said...

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