Sunday, June 21, 2009

Scrap Projects

Things here have been really busy again! But I took an hour this weekend to do a little sewing. I realized that it's been a few weeks since I've been able to just sit down at the machine and work on a project. And I haven't gotten to sew with Pachyderm Parade (I really do love the new name!) yet. So I poked around and found some super simple projects I could finish in an hour.

Itty Bitty Bag
I will admit it. I have a massive phobia about sewing zippers. Even with a zipper foot on my machine, I always end up having problems sewing a simple zipper. But this was my first attempt in a while so I figured perhaps it wasn't as bad as I remembered. And it wasn't! And the zipper even works! So ha! Take that you zipper phobia. The bag is tiny (6x3x3) and will be perfect for storing little sewing notions. And using this tutorial from Three Bears it was ridiculously easy to make! Cute huh?

I found this link on Anna Maria Horner's blog for a tutorial and they were super simple to make. I *love* the way the button looks but functionaly it is just sort of in the way and it keeps making the bookmark slide out of my book! I guess it's like that gorgeous pair of heels, beauty over function!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Annie Pazoo said...

That bag pattern is one of my all-time favorites. Easy to change the shape and size, too. Make the seams taller (or wider) and voila a new bag shape. I've made a ton and now need to start giving some away!
P.S. ADORE the elephants print :-)

Laura Argelati said...

I love it!!
Laura from Italy