Sunday, May 22, 2011

Surtex Wrap Up

I'm back!!! Surtex was really amazing. I'm so happy with how my booth came together and how everything looked. Made some really amazing contacts and am beyond excited about some of the opportunities on the horizon. It was fantastic to be back in NYC and to be back in my old stomping ground. I went up a few days before the show and was able to spend time visiting some of my favorite places (and favorite people!) which was a really wonderful way to kick off the show.

The first morning in the city I grabbed some coffee and breakfast and headed to Central Park to enjoy the glorious weather. In the typical wonderful way things just happen in NY, I stumbled upon a group of maybe 30 high-school aged kids practicing their choral singing and horns in advance of a concert at Carnegie Hall. Nothing like NY I tell you. From there I was able to spend some time at the Museum of Art and Design (my favorite museum in the city) and the Folk Art Museum. I do miss the museums so much!!

My friend Alison (who came to help me work the booth at Surtex) and I were able to catch a Broadway show one night before the show kicked off. We got great seats for Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. A.Mazing. Simply phenomenal. A big, splashy, over-the-top, campy musical. And the costumes. Oh, the costumes! If you get a chance to see it, it's a must see. We really, really LOVED it.

The show itself was 3 days. Long days. But really, good days! I felt so much more confident this year and am really pleased with the opportunities I was able to explore and the contacts I was able to make. I've been working non-stop since I got home, working on my follow up with everyone. Loads more to do, but finished off everything (almost!) I had hoped to get accomplished this weekend.

Thanks again to everyone for your good wishes and for the positive vibes you were sending my way!! I'll keep you posted on any exciting news :)

My whitebalance on my camera was set to the wrong setting (sigh...grumble...) so the colors are a bit wonky in the pics but you can at least get the idea! Oh, and you can see my new red hair :)

And those of you with eagle eyes will probably notice a few designs that haven't made it to fabric yet. Hoping that a few of them may make it to Spoonflower fabric (and then hopefully Robert Kaufman fabric!) at some point in the future. And the trays...Oh the trays!! They're just mockups that I had made for the show but you never know what the future could bring!

9 comments: said...

oh how I love just made me miss it more.

Jen B said...

So glad that your trip was both fruitful and fun. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings for you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie,

Do keep us posted on any new fabric available !
Sunny greetings


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

It looked fabulous, dodgy photos or not!
I saw Priscilla last year for my 40th - most brilliant night out ever!

Shannon said...

Umm, if you have trays made up I will IMMEDIATELY order 2! (My husband and I used to eat at the dining room table, but we have morphed into the people who eat in front of the tv every night! And our current dinner trays are NOT cute!)

P.S. your booth looks amazing!

Becky said...

Ditto on the trays! Too cute!

Glad you had a successful and most of all - FUN - trip.

Poppyprint said...

Congratulations! Sounds like the show was a great success - especially if you've been so busy since coming home. Hope lots of great things come out of it!

Pam said...

I uses to travel to NY 4 or 5 times a year but haven't been in the past 8. I miss it and want to go back soon. I love your designs and hope to see more fabrics out soon. Glad your trip was good on both a personal and business level.

DEIDRE said...

Laurie...your booth looks FABULOUS darling!
great stuff...can't wait to see your new ventures...HUGS 2 U...DEIDRE