Friday, September 28, 2012

Giveaway winners and Roughing It

Who knew you guys were spread so far and wide? I had an absolute blast reading your comments and finding out where you're all from. I always accept international entries for my giveaways, but I really wanted to make sure Olive (and her beau Orlando!) would make their way onto sewing tables here in the US and internationally. So that's why I'm drawing 2 winners (one US and one International) for this giveaway. The idea for Olive came to me from a memory I have of a trip to New Zealand a few years ago where I met ostriches up close for the first time. I really wanted them to be sweet. They were so not sweet :) Cute. But not so friendly. Which is why I designed Olive with hearts :)

So onto our giveaway winners. Congrats!! FQ packs of the collection will be on their way to you soon! And for the rest of you, Olive the Ostrich will be available in stores in November.

US winner VickiT #112 said...

OH gosh, such adorable projects.
I'd love to have some to make my 7 month old Granddaughter something from that. I'm pretty sure it would be a little outfit of some sort or a little blanket and bib even possibly. I know I just adore seeing little baby girls wearing those cute little ruffle butt diaper covers under their adorable dresses so that might be what I would choose. I'm from Illinois, USA.

International winner: paulapatchwork #34 said...

oH! tks fr the chance! I'd love to make some girlie totes for my eldest and her friends! I bet they will treasure it! I'm from Argentina.

So who's ready to start thinking of ways to use my new Roughing It fabric? My new collection with Robert Kaufman will be available in stores in Dec of this year. I've already started on a few projects of my own using these fun trees and campers so I'll share them as soon as they're ready for viewing. And if you look closely, you'll even spy a few wee woodpeckers hanging out among the trees and picnic tables.

This airstream camper print will be available in slicker fabric! 
(Only in this color and print) Its a 54" wide coated cotton. So yummy!

The pieces for a sassy rain coat (for me!) have just been cut out of the red camper slicker fabric and are staring at me on my sewing table. (I'm using the Amy Butler adult rain coat pattern. Now...if I can just muster up the courage to get started on the sewing. Frankly, the project is far beyond my capabilities, but I'm going to give it the old college try!!  I'm headed out to pick up a teflon foot sometime today, as I hear that can be a real help when working with the slicker fabric. (And of course I might just pick up an extra bottle of wine which I don't think will hurt!) I also got a hint to widen the arms on this specific pattern so they're not so narrow and picked up a box of the Clover clips to keep everything together since pinning isn't ideal with coated  fabrics. Any other hints for sewing with slicker fabric or for this specific Amy Butler pattern would be hugely appreciated!

Fun tent selvage!!

And one last picture! Last week I made up these PJ boxer shorts for myself from my new Don't be Crabby collection (also available in stores starting this December!). I love, love the fabric for boxers. (A friend called them my Crabby Pants which had me rolling with laughter.) 

But there's something about this specific sewing pattern that I'm just not loving (they're a bit droopy in the back!), so I'm on the hunt for a new PJ Boxer pattern. I think I'm going to try to use an existing pair of boxer PJ bottoms that I really like and create a pattern from that. Maybe I'll try that as soon as I finish tackling this rain coat project!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

i use masking tape or painter's tape on the metal parts of my machine to let the fabric slide. don't pin it, at least not outside the seam allowance, you can use the tape to hold it together long enough to sew it. i've got some laminated cotton waiting here for the same pattern, but i've been far too scared to try it! i've also heard that it make great umbrella-replacement fabric... (hint hint, matching umbrella?)

Kelly said...

i love your new zealand story! we went to NZ on our honeymoon (almost 10 years ago), so i love hearing about anything from there. :) and i am LOVING the idea of that camper fabric for a rain jacket! i may just have to copy you!!!

Little Island Quilting said...

'Any other hints for slicker fabric'- yup...send some to me ;-)

heart of charnwood said...

That's raincoat sounds like a challenge, the type that has me turning the air blue!!
I love your crabby pants, I have to say, we all have "crabby pants" days sometimes!
Ange : )

VickiT said...

I'm super excited to see that email I received from you this morning. Thank you.

I don't have much experience in that type fabric but have read a little about sewing on it. The one thing I do recall is that you can use pins but if you do, be sure they are only used within the seam allowance. The other was to use those Clover clips you mentioned (they are awesome too btw/buy the larger pack of them because I bought the 10 pack and regret not buying the 50 pack), and the last way to hold the fabrics together while sewing was to use blue painters tape because it leaves no residue and once you stitch through that it easily pulls away. I use that all the time on my machine embroidery work.

Some tips I have bookmarked that might help with more ideas:
Kathy did a great post on using these types of fabrics also has a good post about laminate

Amy Butler has a pdf on her Fabric and Sewing Tips page (it's about the 6th one down on the page)

Hope those give you some extra ideas/help. Good luck. Your new fabric is adorable. I love the campers. Too cute.

giddy99 said...

I've sewed laminate successfully with both my walking foot, and by sewing through wax paper (with a regular foot), which helps to keep the fabric from hanging and gripping. Just gently pull the paper out of the stitches when done (less hassle to use the walking foot, though). :)

Betty said...

Good luck with that slicker - have, so far, been able to escape the screaming sample at my LQS because I know I'd have the same hesitation you're having! Love, love the camper print - I'm such a sucker for campers, cannot wait to get my hands on some!

Wendy said...

Your crabby pants are adorable!
Can't wait for the line to be released.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Congrats winners, and WOW - caravans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poppyprint said...

I love, love, love Roughing It and the little tent selvage dots are the icing. So adorable!! Good luck with your raincoat. If you find the clips are too fiddly or getting in the way, you can pin vertically through the fabric within the seam allowance and pull the pins out as you approach them. The teflon foot will help a LOT!