Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A really, really special (to me) quilt - and a store update!

It's nearly time for Thanksgiving! For me, in addition to celebrating with loved ones, its a time of the year to reflect on all of the wonderful things that have happened and to give thanks for all the experiences I've had and for the amazing people I am blessed to have in my life.

When I started designing fabric in 2008, I had no idea where my path would take me. And that felt uncertain and scary. As someone who has always followed a plan, jumping in and just seeing what path I could create was a real struggle. It was hard to just let go a bit and see what would happen. Since I began licensing some of my designs to Robert Kaufman in 2009, I have been fortunate enough to license 19 collections between 2010 and 2013. Absolutely blows my mind when I think about it. I still can't really believe I've been given that opportunity.

I still earn a lion's share of my income from marketing consulting (which is my professional background) but fabric design continues to be a wonderful creative outlet for me that I'm incredibly thankful for. I wasn't quite as prolific with my designs this last year but still worked on new collections whenever my creative juices started flowing and kept submitting designs for approval. Many were rejected (just the way the cookie crumbles). But I'm delighted to share that one collection that's very special to me was accepted and Robert Kaufman plans on releasing it in April '15. (YAY!!! I'll post sneak peeks early next year as things solidify.)

One of the things I wanted to do for myself to commemorate an amazing first few years in fabric design, was to make myself a quilt that featured every single one of the fabrics I designed for RK. After much hunting for the perfect pattern to use, I came across the Ring Toss pattern by Sew Crafty Jess. Each of the 19 colored rings  includes fabrics from one of my collections. And the low volume prints around the rings are from other favorite collections by other designers.

You'll notice that there's one ghost block with a white ring? I decided that instead of waiting to make the quilt until my 20th collection released, I would leave that one blank as a reminder to myself that even in times of low creativity, that a blank canvas (or computer screen in my case) doesn't have to be scary. It can simply be a starting place for a new ideas and a placeholder to continue to inspire me to keep designing and keep dreaming.

I printed a special label (which I pieced into the back) and made a block with selvages from my collections. 

I hope I didn't bore you to death with the loooong story about my quilt but I wanted to share it with you. :) Happiest of holidays everyone!

p.s. In other design news, you may remember the new panels I added to the store a while ago? Among the new holiday pillow panels, I also released the Make it Sew (Star Trek inspired) designs. This morning I just added 2 new small panels to the store. Perfectly sized to make zippered pouches or to frame in a 10" embroidery hoop.


May Chappell said...

Love this quilt!! I'm anxiously awaiting your next collection:)

Kristin said...

Beautiful quilt and story! ��

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Your quilt is lovely and the sentiment quite touching!

Kristan said...

Such a beautiful story, Laurie. It's always nice to hear what makes a quilt meaningful to someone. That pattern is perfect for what you set out to accomplish.

Reene@Nellie's Niceties said...

Gorgeous quilt Laurie :) Lovely post too. I hope you have many more design successes x

Courtney said...

This is one of the prettiest quilts I've ever seen and that it is so meaningful or you makes it that much better. I absolutely love the ghost ring. How inspiring!

Curlin said...

Omg. Omg. Omg. Omg. Xoxoxo

Jodi said...

I loved hearing your "story"! It's nice to hear some behind-the-scenes real life about someone who creates some fabrics that I love!

Missy Shay said...

I love your quilt and your quilt panels made me laugh!

Marci Girl said...

What a fabulous quilt and now such a great time capsule of all your fabrics! Happy Thanksgiving!

Marcia R said...

I just love this! I know it will always be a treasure to you! And I need to report that I have made up my Christmas panels into pillows with the little balls just like yours - they are fabulous! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

TisaIrish said...

I heart everything about this quilt! It's the perfect personal quilt, one that has meaning and significance for you. The white block is lovely and eloquent. This one's an 11.

Dana said...

I love everything about your quilt! It's perfect. I had to head over to Etsy to order that small cat Make It Sew panel. So cute! Can't wait to put it in a hoop and hang it in my sewing room. It makes me smile!

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

I remember when you brought some of the blocks to the AMQG meeting. Love seeing this come together. The blank canvas block was a clever touch. Love it!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I have loved all your collections and can't wait to see what's coming out next year! The ghost ring and selvages make this quilt even more special.

Ivete @ Gotham Quilts said...

I love your quilt and the story of the white ring in particular. How inspiring! And I congratulations on the upcoming collection. I can't wait to see it!

charlotte said...

Love your quilt and what a great story. I am so glad you will be having another collection this next year. I love your fabrics and I have missed seeing you. Happy Thanksgiving to you also.

LilyKGonzales said...

Love, Love, Love this quilt and the story behind it! I still remember the AMQG meeting you brought the blocks to and we all lined up to be your design board! Congrats on the AMAZING finish.

molly said...

I can't believe I hadn't read this post until now. I am the worst. But this quilt is the best. I was so lucky to see it in person when it was being built. Excited for the next collection. Hope all is well with you. xoxox

leanne said...

such a gorgeous quilt and a wonderful piece of history 😊

Marie said...

What an absolutely perfect idea and a great way to immortalize your fabric lines so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Lovely.

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Furniture Kantor said...

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